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Small Disciplines Add Up To Big Results

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Successful People do Consistently what Normal People do Occasionally. The habits we have will make us or break us. Let's talk about not succeeding......Why people don't succeed......

1. We focus on the WHAT and don't understand the HOW

- In order to change the results you must change the system you have. The habits you have, good or bad, all revolve around a system you have. You want to change a habit you must change the system.

- Goals and Systems... Goals don't create success, systems create success.

2. We don't see progress FAST enough

- We wrongly conclude small habits. We don't think the small habit is having any affect on us. We either make small, bad decisions or small, good decisions. Both decisions add up over time and will have a major effect on you.

>>LIFE = The Sum of Decisions You Make<<

3. Your Distorted Identity

- We sabotage our success with Negative Self-Talk

- Unhealthy Identity equals Unwise Habits and Health Identity equals Healthy Habits

Things to Remember:

- Create systems

- Be Consistent

- Avoid Negative Self-Talk

*Remember Successful People do Consistently what Normal People do Occasionally. You have what it takes you can create the person you want to become.

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