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Health Benefits of Leafy Green Vegetables

A diet rich in leafy greens has a variety of health benefits. They are a powerhouse of nutrients.

Micro-nutrients that are found in Leafy Greens have some pretty important benefits such as.....

Vitamin A- Healthy eye sight

Vitamin K- Healthy bones and allows the body to clot/healing wounds

Vitamin C- Healthy immune system

Fiber- Healthy digestive tract

Here are the Top Six Leafy Greens that you should start adding to your diet.

1. Kale- Vital Nutrients and also has Vitamins A,C,K. Lutein, Magnesium and Calcium

2. Collard Greens- Vitamins A,C,K and Magnesium

3. Spinach- Contains Iron, Protein and Folute. As well as all the other nutrients listed above.

4. Cabbage- Contains Protein. One would not think of cabbage of being a source of protein.

5. Swiss Chard- Potassium and Manganese

6. Arugula- B9 and Nitrates

Try fitting these 6 Leafy Greens into your them however you would like cooked, raw or blended in a shake. The most important thing is that you get your green leafy veggies servings in. Your body will thank you!!

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