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Motivation and How to Stop a Bad Habit

Creating change in your life and sustaining it, which is often the real challenge. It can be a frustrating process. Most of us can make progress for the short-term, how can we make long lasting progress? What is your Motivation level? Most of us our Motivation level varies throughout the day and willpower will need to take over. For most of us relying on willpower is not a good thing.

We want you to make long lasting change. How do we do this you ask?

Micro-Habit Approach:

First identify the change you want to make. Perhaps you want to get more sleep. Start by adding small increments of changes such as adding 30 minutes a night until you reach your full eight hours of sleep. Once you have accomplished this 30 minutes of added sleep expand on that by adding more time. This process can be done to help change any habit you are looking at improving.

Here are a few things you may need to change in order to make a pattern disruption to your habit you want to change.

Triggers you may have






Understand your triggers and be mindful of them and use the mirco-habit approach to make long lasting change.

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